Friday, December 2, 2011

Ultramarines Sniper Scouts WIP

With the exception of Bryce, our group of 40K players are all relatively new to the game and are slowly growing their armies. By necessity, our games have been low point affairs of about 500 points per army. I think it's been found by most Space Marine players that 500 points will buy you very little once you've met your HQ and troop requirements. I could easily field two five man Tactical Squads, but that would leave both squads without special or heavy weapons and make my job even harder (Bryce hates that 5th edition requires Space Marines to have ten men in order to field special and heavy weapons). For that reason, we've been playing by a house rule allowing me to bring a single ten man Tactical Squad.

Since I don't want to play by house rules for longer than necessary, I'm working on a Scout Squad with four sniper rifles and a missile launcher. Not only are five Scouts cheaper than a five man Tactical Squad, but they have the Infiltrate and Scout special rules and can carry a heavy bolter or missile launcher. I'm simultaneously working on Sergeant Telion, although I won't be using him until we start playing higher point games.

I primed Telion and the Scouts just before Thanksgiving dinner

Sergeant Telion

Sergeant Telion represents my first pewter model. With Games Workshop replacing all its pewter models with resin, I felt compelled to buy all named Ultramarine figures in metal (in part because I like the heft of a pewter model). By late October, Bryce was able to find Chief Librarian Tigurius at the local game store and picked it up for me, thus completing my pewter collection.

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