Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Land Raider Crusader WIP, Part III

The Land Raider Crusader continues along, slowly but steadily. As I tend to do with all my models, I started with the most detailed components and will eventually finish with the large, simple surfaces.

Late last month I finished the interior, which got a lot more attention that any hard to see region ever should. I pulled out my Razorback so that I could make sure that the Land Raider's interior matched that of the previous vehicle; i.e., a Fortress Grey base, with Charadon Granite bench structures, Chainmail details, and a Badab Black/Nuln Oil wash:

Last time, I was unhappy with how obvious the brush strokes showed up in the wash. This time I dry brushed the base coat back over the wash to hide the brush strokes, which is also how I clean up washes on exterior surfaces:

Once I finished the interior, I moved on to the hurricane bolters and the twin-linked assault cannon. These are nearly complete, which leaves the exterior engine compartment as the final area with any significant detail.

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