Sunday, January 26, 2014

Land Raider Crusader WIP, Part II

Much to my disappointment, between the holidays, a vicious cold that ran through my family, and burnout from finishing my Terminators, I got very little done on the Crusader between late November and this weekend. However, I found myself wishing for a Land Raider in nearly every game I've played over the past two months. Thus, I decided to buckle down and get some painting done.

With three to four hours of work per night, starting Thursday evening, I finished the majority of the interior. The logical portion of my brain understands that much of my work will be difficult to see, but I've since found that the logical portion of my brain isn't the part that determines whether or not I'm satisfied with the results.

Since I finish off the interior the same way I finish the exterior (i.e., with a heavy wash and then a dry brushing to clean it up), most of my work isn't quite photogenic yet. However, I've very nearly completed the engine:

I experimented with Typhus Corrosion on the various pipes leading away from the engine block and was very happy with the result. The new technical paint is perfect for recreating the brownish crusty look you find on exhaust pipes, turbine blades, steam generators, etc.

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