Friday, June 28, 2013

Apocalypse Is On Its Way

One of Bryce's goals was to eventually get us to Apocalypse-sized games. As the rumors of a new edition of Apocalypse heated up, I decided to get ready:

These little items arrived from the WarStore earlier this month. While I had intended to begin the Ultramar Auxilia with a few Leman Russes and the units that come with the Battleforce, it looks like Ultramar's defense force will be starting out with a couple super-heavies instead.

It turns out that I saved a few bucks by buying them when I did; instead of each tank being sold separately for $115, the two or three sprues that are unique to the Shadowsword are now included in a new "Imperial Guard Baneblade" box that sells for $140.

Within an hour of availability, I bought the Apocalypse rule book, the Imperial Targeting Templates (Bryce is going to be annoyed that his old templates are now obsolete), the limited edition Vortex Grenade Template (I still don't get why such a simple item is limited edition), and the Strategic Asset Cards (also inexplicably limited).

I have yet to purchase the new fortifications, though, since I'll probably get them through the WarStore. What's exciting is that they can be used for both Apocalypse and 40K, with the rules for the latter being included in the box. With these fortifications, it looks like GW is serious in making gun emplacements more than just a gimmick or a minor aspect of the game. The Aquila Strongpoint is armed with vortex missiles and a macro cannon that are capable of threatening super-heavies. While I assume that the Strongpoint's weaponry will be downgraded for standard games of 40K, the Firestorm Redoubt with its 40K-appropriate lascannon batteries looks like it could be a mean addition to any army.

The Firestorm Redoubt

I'm interested to know how these fortifications will fit into the 40K limit of one fortification per Primary Detachment. It may have something to do with the fact that these new kits are designed to match up with the Wall of Martyrs sets, whose lack of rules or points values have caused a lot of confusion. I wonder if the rules will designate an assembly of fortifications linked by the Wall of Martyrs defence lines, emplacements, and/or Imperial bunkers as a single fortification with points values assigned for each segment, emplacement, bunker, etc.

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