Monday, September 2, 2013

How Big are Space Marine Centurions?

The debate on how big Space Marine Centurions are began almost immediately after the first photos were leaked. They looked rather large, so many assumed they were on 60mm bases. However, Photoshop comparisons suggested that 60mm was much too big. The logical alternative, the 40mm base, seemed too small, though. Although we have only a few days left before we find out, I've already ordered my Centurion kit from the WarStore and I wanted to figure out what my money had actually bought me.

There have been very few images that show Centurions alongside other models with known base sizes. In fact, the only one I've been able to find is this image of the Lastrati Crusade collection:

One of the few pictures that allow a comparison

Notice that the Centurions are taller than the nearby Assault Marines (one upraised arm is approximately level with the top of a nearby Marine's jump pack) but their bases are smaller than those of the Dreadnoughts behind them. With a little help from Photoshop, I was able to compare the Assault Marines' 25mm bases to a Centurion base:

Centurion bases turn out to be two 25mm bases wide

All of a sudden, the cause of the early confusion becomes clear. Centurions aren't on 60mm or 40mm bases; they're on 50mm bases.

Since there aren't any 40mm bases in the images above with which to make a comparison, I did some additional analysis to confirm that Centurions aren't on Terminator-size bases. Using Photoshop's grid feature and calculating the appropriate ratios, I was able to make a comparison with an Assault Marine:

50mm Centurion on the far left, 40mm Centurion on the far right

The Centurion on the left is scaled as if it has a 50mm base. The Centurion on the right is scaled as if it has a 40mm base. While the 50mm Centurion is noticeably taller than the Assault Marine (the upraised arm is nearly level with the jump pack, just as it is in the Lastrati Crusade image), the 40mm centurion is approximately the same height. Since we know that Centurions are taller than Assault Marines based on the Lastrati image, the larger of the two base sizes must be correct.

Knowing that the Centurion is on a 50mm base, I was able to compare the sizes of several common Astartes models:

Although slightly smaller than a Dreadnought, Centurions are still relatively large models.


  1. Just put them side by side to some Fisher Price figures and you should be able to get the scale/size as it looks like GW worked with them to design them. They look like a 7 year old glued extra crap to a terminator, really? Is that the best GW can do? Just glue and add crap to something and repackage it at an insane price? *puts up the going out of business sale sigh for GW*

    1. I'm definitely in the minority when I say that I actually like the Centurion models. They're big, brutish, and ugly, which is how I generally see the Astartes. I'm particularly fond of how Roman-like their armor is. It screams "Ultramarines!", although it clashes with the Black Templars' medieval look.

      I must admit that my eyes boggled a little when I saw the price, but I've been saving for this release and I usually see model value in terms of dollar per point rather than absolute dollar value (the $30 HQ models strain my limits, though). By all accounts, three fully loaded Centurions are worth as much as a Land Raider, which costs about the same monetarily, too. I think GW prices are based as much on points value as quantity of plastic. Perhaps they mean for a 2000 point army to cost roughly the same whether it's composed of a few elite Grey Knight squads or hordes of Orks.

  2. Does it look like you will go through on your decision to add some Devastator Centurions to your Ultramarines?

    I honestly don't think the prices are too bad. They're high, to be sure, but this is GW. But let's be objective and consider them:

    - The codex is not only larger than every other army's, it's also hardcover and full color, which increases printing cost by a large margin.
    - The new vehicle is a dual kit and you will have an entirely spare turret to put on a spare Rhino to get two vehicles out of it.
    - The new tactical marines are BARELY more expensive and are far more value compared to the old one.
    - The new Vanguard kit is CHEAPER than the Finecast one.
    - The new Sternguard have the big money combi-bolter pieces in there. Some people were paying $7-10 for a single Combi-Melta before this release, and comparing the amount of detail on each veteran and the extra bits you get, and you get just about the same price as you'd pay for an ultra-detailed Forge World model with full accessories.
    - The plastic Chaplain cannot be purchased separately, but you'll find the entire bundle actually saves you money as the components have a higher combined price.

    The Librarian and Captain, while very nice, are unfortunately very pricey and limited in options. I think FW actually sells cheaper HQs.

    I'm happy with the prices being what they are given that it's GW. I feel like GW could have charged a lot more if they had wanted to. Hopefully eBay and discount retailers will help alleviate the wallet trauma.

    1. I'm definitely adding Centurions. In fact, I've already pre-ordered all the new models except the HQs (I have several in plastic and pewter and I'm not happy that the new ones aren't customizable) and the new tank (our gaming group doesn't play enough flyers right now to justify the tank). The Centurions will back up my vehicles, which usually don't last too long between our Tau player and our new Necron player.

      I'm very excited about the Tactical, Vanguard, and Sternguard squads. There's a ton of great bits in each kit. A box of five Sternguard may cost as much as a box of five Terminators, but the Terminators don't have a huge number of bits that can be readily spread throughout your army. Even the cheaper Vanguard kit has a great bunch of weapons and shoulder pads that can be spread around. I see a lot of these fancy new pieces showing up on my sergeants and a Command Squad.


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