Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Atomic Spud's Warhammer 40K Blog

Thanks to Bryce, a coworker and good friend of mine, I've been a Warhammer 40,000 addict since May 2011. I immediately preferred Space Marines, the first army I ever played, and quickly began an army of Ultramarines. After several months of playing regularly, Bryce and I were joined in our games by two other coworkers.

I have maintained a blog, The Atomic Spud, since November 2008. The Atomic Spud has primarily been a place for movie and book reviews, political commentary, and other (hopefully) amusing anecdotes from my life. Unfortunately, the blog was quickly overrun by posts about 40K, which appeals to a smaller audience than the other material. For that reason, I've started The Atomic Spud's Warhammer 40K Blog; a more appropriate place for battle reports, army photos, and other 40K miscellanea.

Warhammer 40K-related posts that previously appeared on The Atomic Spud have been reproduced here with some slight editing. Since they were originally intended for an audience that is unfamiliar with the game, there is a lot of explanation that is unnecessary for the average 40K player. I like to think of these posts as a brief history of a rapidly developing addiction.

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