Friday, June 22, 2012

Spending More Money

I've neglected to cover the past couple Cabal games or to even discuss my recent modeling efforts (including my experience with some of the new Citadel paints). However, I thought I'd mention another little purchase I made today:

That's right, I bought the Gamer's Edition of the new 40K rulebook. Officially it can be pre-ordered on June 23rd. Obviously they meant June 23rd in England since my calendar still says the 22nd.

The Gamer's Edition comes with 12 red Munitorum dice that are supposed to be unique to this set. I've already seen scans of the recent White Dwarf showing that similar bone-white dice will be available on June 30th. Although the only limited aspect of these dice is their color, I had intended to buy 24 dice anyway, so I might as well have half of them in limited edition red and the other half in off-white. The dice are square edged and have printed numbers instead of indented pips. Those who have performed chi-square tests on GW and/or Chessex dice with round edges and compared the results to tests on square edged dice have found that the latter are a lot more balanced. Obviously I'll be testing that claim myself.

What really sold me on this edition was the nifty satchel. It's designed to carry the rulebook in the main pouch and has a second pouch to hold codices and templates. Three small pouches immediately under the satchel's flap are sized for the lasgun power pack-shaped tins that hold the Munitorum dice. I've gotten tired of lugging my books, dice, and templates around in a clumsy little box and liked the idea of a themed bag.

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