Saturday, March 17, 2012

Oh Sister, Oh Sister, Where Art Thou?

As many of you know I am a gigantic IG fan, but a very, very close second is the Sisters of Battle (SoB). The SoB in 4th edition was given a lot of love with the introduction of the Penitent Engine and the Sisters Repentia and in my personal opinion the best SoB Codex to date. I must say though I am very disappointed with the recent GW development of the 5th edition SoB Codex posted in a White Dwarf article.

The codex was lacking in story, art, tactical prowess, innovation, and overall genuine interest by the authors. First and foremost, Faith Points (the backbone of the SoB army) was sorely diminished. Not only changed in ability but overall chance to succeed. Faith points previously succeeded on a roll equal to or less than the number of battle sisters in a squad, relatively easy. Now it is on a roll of 5 or higher, which can be modified by an HQ or Simulacrum to make it easier which also has its challenges. The cost of a battle sister was raised by a point and by the time upgrades, HQ, and Simulacrum is added to the total points of a battle sister squad a 10 sister squad is nearly 200 points and that only accounts for one troop (I just pooped a little). Way too much for a S3, T3 unit considering I can get the same thing in a Vet IG squad for HALF the price, literally!! Faith Points which used to bring the teeth to the fight for SoB now just bring hardened gums, not really a focal point anymore.

My only hope in this dark SoB current state is the rumors of the up and coming battle sisters models. Apparently the models will be more slender and possibly have veils (very cool if done correctly). Below is an artist rendition on the new style.

And here is a possible leak of the actual future model. It gives me goose bumps in weird spots.

So far GW has not given me any reason to go out and buy SoB models, but with these leaks there is hope for a 6th edition future.


  1. 200 points for a 10 Sister squad? That's madness for S3 T3. They'd better get a ridiculous amount of ranged weapons at that price. I can get a 10 man Space Marine Tactical Squad, each with S4 T4, a flamer and a missile launcher for 170 points. Heck, throw in a power fist and replace the missile launcher with a lascannon and it's only 205 points. I may be a modeller first and foremost, but I still prefer to put my modelling efforts into units that are at least somewhat competitive.

    Let's hope that those models below are genuine (and are plastic rather than resin). The one on the right is certainly dynamic and makes this Space Marine player envious; even the assault version of my power-armored guys seems clunky by comparison. I would think it likely that a new model release would coincide with a proper 6th Edition codex, which might not be as bad as the WD version.

  2. I'm guessing that the model on the right is a seraphim. Her backpack looks to be a smaller version of the jump pack. If that is true I will be quite pleased with the new models.

  3. Pretty sure the model on the left is a rogue trader/2nd edition model. The model on the right looks like a 'green stuff' gamer conversion as apposed to an actual prototype model. I am an avid sisters player and would absolutely love a new model range release, and would probably sell my own sister for a new Dex, but being realistic 6th edition is going to cause all sorts of redundancies in all the existing 5th edition 'dexes, and with all marine variants and several xenos races such as Eldar, Orks and even tau being far more popular than the Sisters, I think we'll be waiting a long time for a re-write. Even though the WD version predates 6th by nearly a year, I think it will have been designed specifically not to clash with any of the new rules.

    GW have really let themselves down with Sisters, by having an entirely metal model range, with only three model types to cover ALL units in the book (Battle sisters, Repentia and Seraphim to make command sqauds, celestians, dominions and retributors plus the units listed above) they have isolated gamers by a) being too restrictive with the available models to entice people interested who like to have unique, stand out armies (plus being all metal they are difficult for conversions) and 2) by the whole range being metal and about £6 per model, they have priced out casual gamers from starting an army too. This means Sisters only appeal to a) old sisters players with established collections and b) fluff lovers. Old sisters players already have the majority of their armies so are only ever going to tinker with their model range for a new Dex (or white dwarf presents...) and hence not buy a great deal and fluff lovers are much more likely to build up small contingents of sisters they can field with their other imperial armies.

    Why does this matter? Well, these factors combined mean sisters sales are low. Very low. So low they don't stock them in stores. With such a low interest in the army, they are more than likely going to be phased out entirely by a lack of new releases or a 6th edition dex. This, needless to say, breaks my heart.

    I have been tempted to cash in on my sisters with them fetching a reasonable price on Ebay at the moment, but I cannot bear it. I will just plod on fielding them in 'just for kicks' games solely because I love to chant religious threats and condemnation at my opponents whilst they laugh at my over priced, over costed and under powered sisters get battered by shooting and combat alike.

    At least Death Cult assassins rape face.


  4. Bryce has really been looking forward to a new Sisters codex and model line, but he's starting to loose hope given that there seems to be a lack of reliable rumors of such a thing. Instead he started looking at beginning a fluff-heavy Ravenguard army, complete with Forge World bits.

    However, now that the Cabal members' armies are starting to grow to the point where we can play 2000 point games, I think Bryce has decided that his Steel Legion Imperial Guard army needs his attention.

  5. Well if he ever decides its time to jack in the sisters and he's looking for a buyer give me the heads up! :)

  6. Those models don't look official, but I hope to High Heaven that the rumors are true. I can use some variety with my SOB army.

  7. Bryce had lost hope due to a lack of rumors and then, lo and behold, the latest model release rumors are now suggesting that plastic Sisters of Battle models might be on the way. He's not holding his breath, but he's certainly hoping that the rumors are true.

  8. Left model is an old sister hospitaler model from command squad


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