Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Emperor's Hammer

Every serious Warhammer 40k player has dabbled in the thoughts of owning/playing multiple armies or switching armies entirely, but there will always be that "one" army which is near and dear to your heart. For me, my friends, that army is the Imperial Guard.

We Guard players are a breed apart, because whether winning, losing, maltreated, broken, defeated, battered, bruised, underestimated, tyrannized, or oppressed we never have enough sense to give up on the Guard. It is the imagined sulfur smell and goose bumps after I have bludgeoned my opponent with a few war heads of Manticore missiles and Basilisk shells that keeps me coming back for more. Don't forget the comic relief when all hope is lost and the Guardsmen make a last ditch charge into an Ork Warboss.

Makes my eyes tear up with pride just thinking about the poor bastards.

I have had the privileged of owning several IG (Imperial Guard) armies through the years.

IG Army #1: Classic Cadians painted in the Harokoni Warhawk fashion. Frustrating army to fight. It was comprised of a small swarm of Lascannon teams with deep striking Sentinels.

IG Army #2: Catachan Devil Dogs. Flamers with flamers on top of flamers accompanying flamers with bayonets attached on the end of them. Not the most competitive army but witty to see on the battle field.

IG Army #3: Death Korps of Krieg. Imagine the sound of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse riding towards you while Bastion Breeching shells are wailing their high pitch impending doom in the air. That my friends is the making of the "Brown Note".

IG Army #4: Steel Legion, my current IG army. I do love them so. I previously posted about my Commissarka. She pretty much sets the tone for the entire army of "Mess with the Bull and you Get the Horns" or the "Huge Tracks of Land" or... well you get the point. The army is a healthy mix of point distribution: 70% Heavy support and 30% miscellaneous. Such is the proper point distribution of a poorly thought out IG army.

I can't vouch for my opponents, but I can guess facing the Guard artillery is not the most pleasant experience. In the end, that's what the Imperial Guard are all about; the artillery. It is that backbone of any competitive IG army (in my opinion) and the guardsmen should be able to support at closer range. And now with orders lasguns are even more deadly when a unit of 10 guardsman can output 30 shots! Huzzah!


  1. I'll vouch for your opponents; facing your artillery sucks. Thanks to your heavy support I've had to rethink much of my army. When it's finally finished you're going to have falling drop pods, teleporting Terminators, infiltrating Scouts, and outflanking bikes swarming all over you. In the meantime, you'll be taking fire from widely dispersed lascannons mounted on Razorbacks, Tactical Marines, Sternguard, and Devastator squads.

    I should have all those finished within the next two to three years at the rate I'm painting models.

  2. two words. vendetta gunship. any Imperial Guards best friend. any other races worse nightmare! i so love the "what the hell.. really? you blew up my land raider and all my transports!!! god i hate you!"

  3. Ah yes, the Vendetta Gunship. Three twin-linked lascannons protected by Flyer rules and some of the best armor you can find on a flyer, topped off by an infuriatingly low points cost. Bryce has been considering this model ever since 6th introduced Flyer rules. The rest of the Cabal is not pleased.


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